The Zen campus is offering Fruit & Vegetable Carving Training classes online. The videos feature Wan Hertz and team of Award-winning ‘Thai Master Carvers’ and include an introduction plus ten step-by-step training lessons. Each video lesson is between 6 and 18 minutes long, and there is 1 hour 47 minutes of lessons in all. The online training videos are the next best thing to learning here in Bangkok. You’ll love the videos if you’re a chef wanting to learn for your business or simply a foodie wanting to learn for your own enjoyment.   Never before have fruit & vegetable carving videos been offered, featuring a team of Master Carvers from Thailand. The videos have been beautifully produced showing carving techniques in very close-up detail. You will be impressing your guests and clients in no time! The online videos comprise of lessons listed as follows:

Lesson 1: Introduction Lesson

2: Rose Carving Lesson

3: Gargenia Carving Lesson

4: Dahlia Carving Lesson

5: Carnation Carving Lesson

6: Morning Glory Carving Lesson

7: Cantoloupe Carving Lesson

8: Bird Carving Lesson

9: Swan Carving Lesson

10: Watermelon Carving Lesson 11: Papaya Carving

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