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Food and Beverage Services in Hotel

Most of the star-ranked hotels offer multiple F&B services in their hotels. They can be −

  • Restaurant
  • Lounge
  • Coffee Shop
  • Room Service
  • Poolside Barbecue/Grill Service
  • Banquet Service
  • Bar
  • Outside Catering Service

Structure of F&B Services Department

The F&B Services personnel are responsible to create the exact experience the guests wish for. The department consists of the following positions −

Food & Beverage Service Manager

The Food & Beverage Service Manager is responsible for −

  • Ensuring profit margins are achieved in each financial period from each department of F&B service.
  • Planning menus for various service areas in liaison with kitchen.
  • Purchasing material and equipment for F&B Services department.

Assistant Food & Beverage Service Manager

The Assistant Food & Beverage Service Manager is aware of and is tuned to all the work the F&B Services Manager performs and carries out the same in the absence of his superior.

Assistant Food & Beverage Service Manager

Restaurant Manager

The Restaurant Manager looks after the overall functioning of a restaurant. The responsibility of this staff member include −

  • Managing the functions in the dining room
  • Ordering material
  • Stock-taking or inventory checking.
  • Supervising, training, grooming, and evaluating the subordinates
  • Preparing reports of staff and sales
  • Managing budgets
  • Handling daily sales and coordinating with cashiers

Room Service Manager

The Room Service Manager is responsible for −

  • Selecting, training, encouraging, and evaluating all junior employees
  • Ensuring that cultural values and core standards of F&B department/establishment are met
  • Controlling labor expenses through staffing, budgeting, and scheduling
  • Handling guest complaints
  • Providing special requests

Banquet Manager

The Banquet Manager is responsible for −

  • Setting service standard for banquets
  • Forecasting and allocating budgets for various types of events such as conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Achieving food and beverage sales
  • Controlling chinaware, cutlery, glassware, linen, and equipment
  • Handling decorations and guest complaints
  • Providing special requests
  • Purchasing required stock by following appropriate requisition procedures
  • Following up each function by receiving guest feedback and submitting it to F&B Manager
  • Participating in departmental meetings
  • Planning and pricing menu
  • Training, grooming, and development of staff underneath

Bar Manager

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