Companies Double Down on Digital

Given the shift to a workplace that’s increasingly virtual and more disconnected from an office, another trend we expect to see is a focus on what’s been termed “digital-first work”. This has far-reaching implications, as companies seek to determine how this new era will shape their culture and values.

According to KPMG, 77% of CEOs surveyed will “build on their use of collaboration and communication tools” and 67% are more likely to invest in technology, compared to 33% investment in worker skills.

Similarly, the 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report found that “introducing digital collaboration platforms” is the most important factor in sustaining this new way to work.

Research by renowned HR thought leader and analyst Josh Bersin took this concept a layer deeper. In his report The Big Reset Playbook, he highlighted balancing a hybrid work environment as one of the priorities of the return to work. Countries not facing COVID-19 restrictions have develope d a hybrid approach, with workers going to a physical office but not as regularly.

“The challenge now,” according to the report, “is learning to facilitate connections and collaboration in this hybrid world in which many employees continue to work remotely but periodically meet with others for in-person collaboration and innovation.”

When we asked David Millner, Founder and Consulting Partner at HR Curator, for his take on top strategies we can expect in the coming years, he also said digital will play a major role. His perspective, however, is that digital HR goes beyond supporting changes that lead to “transformation-based initiatives”.

“Digital HR is about process optimization in which social, mobile, analytics and cloud-based technologies are leveraged to make the HR function more efficient.

“However, the application of new technologies is not what makes the function digital. It’s also about culture alignment, talent practices, structures and processes to balance efficiency and innovation opportunities, all focused on ensuring there is an ability to provide a clear, sustainable, measurable impact on the organization as it continuously transforms.”

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