Teams Play an Essential Role

We asked Steven Cates, Graduate Professor of Human Resources Management at Purdue University Global, for his thoughts on where HR is heading the next few years.

“The concept and creation of virtual teams that goes along with virtual work will become a huge issue moving into 2021,” he said.

Deloitte also highlighted “superteams” as the way of the future. A superteam combines people and technology to produce outcomes more quickly and at a greater scale than would otherwise be possible.

Factors that contribute to successful superteams, according to their survey data, include:

  • Creating a “culture that celebrates growth, adaptability and resilience” (45% of executives surveyed).
  • Enabling a capable workforce “through upskilling, reskilling and mobility” (41% of executives surveyed).
  • “Implementing new technologies” (35% of executives surveyed).

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